How many Aeroplan points will I earn on a flight

How many Aeroplan points will I earn on a flight?

Are you a frequent flier who always gains most of the value from journeys with Air Canada? Aeroplan, a loyalty program, now makes earning points on flights easier with Air Canada. It doesn’t matter if you are flying in economy or business class; you can get Aeroplan points easily with this fare class. Every different class has different types of points according to your membership tier or status, but earning points with Aeroplan and their partner airlines becomes easier. In this blog, I will tell you how to earn Aeroplan points with Air Canada flights and explore various options to redeem and earn Aeroplan points.


Earning on Air Canada Flights Today

Those days are gone when there are confusing earning structure charts, which I feel bothered when you are confused about now. Introducing the Aeroplan program, with this loyalty program, makes earning and redeeming points much easier. Keep in mind that every point you earn depends on the fare class and the distance you choose to fly. This is very simple. The more you fly, the more points you will earn. Aeroplan Elite Status members can also earn Status Qualifying Miles (SQM) on most fares, allowing you to progress towards elite status with every journey.


Fare Option In Air Canada

Air Canada offers different options to collect points according to your membership tier. From economy class to luxury business class, there are many fare options for every type of traveler. Here, I can show you a breakdown of  points and SQM you can earn on each fare class ;

Minimum Points Earned – For distance flown Up to 249 miles, Aeroplan Elite Status members can earn 250  Points and SQM multiplied by the % flown as indicated for the eligible booking class.

Business: You can earn 150% points/SQM, making it an excellent choice for those seeking maximum rewards and comfort.

Premium Economy: Enjoy a 125% points/SQM boost, ideal for travelers looking for enhanced amenities without breaking the bank.

Standard (between Canada and the U.S. and Canada And International) – Earn 50% points/SQM, suitable for travelers seeking a balance between value and convenience.


Calculating and Redeeming Aeroplan Points with Flights with miles

In this era, people are now so free that they can calculate their air miles or points for flight booking. Flight With Miles provides a platform to calculate and redeem your Aeroplan points, and you can redeem your miles for flight, hotel, and car rental bookings. Always consider that Your hard-earned miles and points depend on many factors, such as the distance you fly, cabin class, and membership tier. Moreover, Flight With Miles provides full guidance related to Air miles redemption, and we can also help you earn points with Star Alliance and different airline partners. Flight With Miles is designed in such a way that we can resolve every loyalty program problem.